Hi, I’m Maria!

I help businesses build all aspects of their online presence, from strategy to execution. I specialize in implementing professional and operationally-sound solutions on budget and on time.

My career has spanned computer science, user experience, software product management and corporate marketing. I enjoy working behind the scenes to bridge the gap between technology and talented people who are busy doing what they’re passionate about.

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Who I Serve

Small Businesses

I act as a guide for small business owners to get up and running on a budget.


I serve as a single point person for busy directors with a wide variety of needs.


I step in to support staff augmentation needs and special projects.

Why My Clients Love Me

I speak your language

I don’t just¬†do the technical stuff; I also explain it to you so you feel confident and can make informed decisions.

I'm a thinking partner

I know how to stay true to your vision while asking you the tough questions that help you refine your strategy.

I hold you accountable

I’m your biggest cheerleader, but I also keep you on track with your goals when you get busy. Expect homework.

I act with integrity

I focus on projects that I believe will make a difference for your business. Sometimes that means advising you not to do things.


Operations Manager
Corporation | Food & Agriculture

“I was lost trying to manage a new brand launch within my company. Maria held my hand through building a website and developing a marketing strategy. She navigated my busy schedule and taught me what I needed to know to manage the brand.”

Owner & Designer
Small Business | Fashion

“I’m a creative type and Maria turned out to be my analytical right hand woman! Not only is my website beautiful, but she also helps me with designing print materials and fine-tuning my pricing.”

Executive Director
Nonprofit | Arts & Culture

“I inherited a website development contract that had stalled for a year. Maria stepped in to take project management off my hands and build the content for us. The process pushed me to refine our strategy and turned out to be fun instead of stressful!”

What I Do

Many of my clients first start working with me because they need help creating or revamping their website. A website touches many aspects of a business and website improvements typically come along with strategic inflection points in a business. I step in to advise on anything related to your online presence, ensuring it makes sense operationally.

Technology & Infrastructure

  • Website development
  • Business email configuration
  • Email marketing platform setup
  • Online forms and surveys development
  • Event management system setup
  • CRM software configuration
  • Social media account setup

Marketing & Communications

  • Content development
  • Search engine optimization
  • Graphics and image editing
  • Print materials creation
  • Email marketing template development
  • Social media strategy
  • Marketing and PR strategy

Strategy & Project Management

  • Website project management
  • Corporate rebranding management
  • Software project management
  • Pricing strategy
  • User research and market research
  • Financial modeling
  • Accessibility compliance

Contact Me

I take pride in regularly receiving referrals from happy clients. Tell me more about your business, and I’ll share some examples of my work that are representative of what I’ve done for other businesses like yours.

Let’s start a conversation to see if we’re a good fit!

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